We all want what we want. You do it, I do it, we all do it. Do what you ask?


Each of us pretend, or have pretended, in one of at least two ways. Either we know something to be true and pretend it doesn’t exist, or we pretend to know about something we know nothing about. Why?

There are a many answers to that question such as pride, fear of change, hatred, anger, embarrassment, greed, comfort, and numerous others.

For example, we pretend that taking numerous selfies is somehow not vain or tied to a deep need for self affirmation. (How many likes did I get? )

We’ve pretended that substituting psychiatric drugs for discipline in raising our kids is a good thing. Really? How’s that working out? (Ask the 35 year old living in mom & dad’s basement)

We pretend that we are the masters of our lives, that we are in control, and we will not be held accountable for all the skeletons in our closet. (You can be sure, all will be exposed.)

How about pretending that making major decisions that destroy the lives of people, entire towns, and even countries, are just business? It’s not personal, right?

Most importantly, how about pretending that there is no moral truth, standard for behavior, or consequences. Responsibility and accountability are over rated, right? It’s all about me and what makes me happy, isn’t it? It’s everyone else’s responsibility to be responsible, right?

How about this one. Pretending that using the most, and strategically placed f-bombs, yelling, playing the race card, or calling someone a hater will win the argument every time, even if I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about. No need for researching the truth of a matter, my opinion is all that matters.

We all know Islam is peaceful despite the truth about it’s pedophile, murdering, and hate mongering founder because CNN said so. All Christians are hateful (because they won’t agree with me), freedom of speech should be restricted (but not really for me), we need to teach little children about perverted sex and sexuality, even though they can’t understand it yet, so I can make myself feel better by getting more people to agree with me and my sin. Killing babies is not murder, it’s just choice. Voting for corrupt, lying, and blatantly Satanist politicians is okay as long as they allow me to keep doing what I want. Getting rid of all Christians will make me feel better so I don’t have to be confronted with my sin. Hey, let’s try out some other religions or cults that let me be and do what I want. (Didn’t someone on late night TV say there was no hell?)

And lastly, pretending that somehow I will argue my case before GOD as to why it was His fault that bad things happened in my life. I’m a victim, and that’s why I didn’t seek Him or read His Word. He didn’t intervene in the bad things that happened to me and all the people who rejected Him, worshiped other gods, or didn’t give Him the time of day. He should have did more for us and kissed our butt to get our attention.. am I right? (Cough.. cough.. crucifixion.. Bible.. churches.. radio/TV ministries.. charities.) Ahh.. but some of them were hippocrates! (Do tell? You mean the enemy has placed bad people in churches to destroy GOD’s plan to save us?)

All sarcasm aside, blaming GOD is wrong, uninformed, and ignores the truth and love Jesus has for us by dying in our place as the ultimate sacrifice to pay for our sins. He made a way, despite our condition.

Rom 5:8 But God proves his own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

This world is very messed up and has been completely turned upside down by the enemy of our souls, Satan. We’ve been conned, duped, hoodwinked, fooled, and simply deceived. Jesus is real, sin is real, hell is real, Satan is real, and thank GOD, heaven and eternal life are real. Will you continue pretending they are not?

Time is short, so seek Jesus now.  He’s coming back very soon. And to the Christian, let’s stop pretending He’s not.

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