Abandon Ship!

The world is falling apart before our eyes. The weight of sin is heavy upon it.

How long will you remain on a sinking ship and pretend it’s not sinking? Pretending that God’s end time plan is not playing out before our eyes?

I get it, we cannot just jump overboard before our rescue ship arrives, but the ship is taking on water and we need to stop rearranging the deck chairs as if something is not happening and warn others. Tell them there is help on the way and that a savior is coming. But first, they must also give up the ship.

Give up the sin that is a snare to us and ask Jesus to save us. Yes, that means all sexual sin too. God is not winking at the gender, LGBTQ, and abortion nonsense going on, in fact judgement is here because of it and many other sins embraced by the world as well.

Enough of the 5 and 10 step plans that amount to lipstick on a pig. Get back to the truth of God’s Word, tell of his end time plan, and believe it. Yes, a Biblical world view.

Don’t believe in it? I assure you, you will very soon.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

Repent, believe, and be saved!

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