GOD is Speaking Loudly Now. Do You Hear Him?

GOD is trying to get our attention. He’s been speaking very loudly to the world in numerous ways in an effort to wake us up to the truth, the evil in the world, and for us to repent. Why? Because He loves us and He wants to spend eternity with us. He wishes that no one perish. (John 3:16)

Can I ask you a serious question?

Have you been paying attention to the massive revealing of hidden evil and corruption that’s been happening on a daily basis? (Pedophilia, human trafficking, selling of baby body parts, sexual abuse, satanic symbols & worship, uncontrolled political hysteria, treason, lies, deception, immorality, and so much more?)

GOD is revealing these things to us to give us a clear understanding and a clear choice between good and evil. It’s a revealing of the true nature of the idols and false gods that so many have been serving and putting their trust in.

Only the one true GOD could orchestrate all of these things to be revealed in such a short amount of time and also reveal to us the end from the beginning in His Word.

To be perfectly honest, the tremendous number of global earthquakes, volcanoes, wild fires, floods, celestial signs, mass fish, bird, and animal deaths we are seeing, align perfectly with GOD’s Word regarding the sequence and description of the time of the end. (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, Hosea 4, and Revelation 6)

Wars, rumors of wars, with the exact global players coming together to attack Israel as described in Ezekiel 38.  False prophets, the love of many growing cold, persecution of Christians along with a global hatred of Christians and Jews just to name a few.

Soon, there will be a 7 year peace treaty/agreement brokered with Israel that will be confirmed later by the Antichrist who will appear on the scene. However, he will break that agreement later, stop the restarted Jewish temple sacrifices, and declare himself to be god in the temple of GOD. (Daniel chapter 9 and 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2)

Could President Trump’s middle east peace deal of the century, soon to be anounced, be the catalyst?

Make no mistake, if that treaty is signed and it includes the internationalization of Jerusalem and division of Israel, it marks the beginning of the last 7 years of history prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ known as the tribulation period.

3 1/2 years of that 7 year period are known as the great tribulation, and it marks the time that the “Beast” (Antichrist), and his final attempt at a counterfeit global government, will have full authority over the earth. It will be hell on earth and not the socialist, trans human, utopia that is constantly being pushed and sold to the world.

Sure, the world will first be told by the Antichrist that he wants to free you from any so called “restraints” in GOD’s Word the Bible however, it will lead to your allegiance to him, renouncing your faith, receiving his mark, and eternal death. That’s his goal for you.

A very powerful deception is coming that includes false miracles and signs. Those together will fool those that have rejected GOD into following this global government, religion, and false savior Antichrist. This will happen at a time of chaos and destruction where you will be desperate to take his mark to be able to eat and purchase anything. Will that be you? Or will you choose Jesus now and trust in Him?

The real utopia and final global rule will be setup by Jesus Christ at His return when he destroys the armies of the Antichrist and throws both him and the False Prophet into the lake of fire at the end of the great tribulation. Satan will then be bound for 1000 years with more on that story in Revelation chapter 20 and 21.

Regardless of the exact timing of that agreement, the season that we are in is unmistakable and can be plainly seen by all. What’s important is that you see it for what it is and not the deceptive trash being fed to world through controlled media, government, academia, and Hollywood. Haven’t they been caught in enough lies, deception, and perversion to make it clear they can’t be trusted? This also includes the falling away of segments of the church that have also been exposed by GOD for what they are.

The labor pains of God’s kingdom coming to this earth have started. The enemy knows his time is short and his game plan has been disclosed by God’s Word to give us all the hope, faith, and evidence that Jesus is who He said He is.

The time is now. Please don’t wait any longer. Ask Him into your heart and to be your Lord and Savior. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. Ask Him to forgive you and for Him to wash your sin away.





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